El Dorado Mexican Restaurant

Great food, amazing cocktails, and a vibrant atmosphere.

It all began with a vision, a dream all the way from Jalisco Guadalajara, Mexico. Isabel Ayala, envisioned crowning the triangle with the best Mexican food in North Carolina, but his vision did not stop there, his vision was even stronger. To included a restaurant for each one of his eight children.

In 1987 Isabel and Elena Ayala, opened the 1st El Dorado Mexican Restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina. Parents of 8 children at the time ages 5 to 17 with income as everyone else or less, they worked hard and sacrificed plenty to achieve this 1st opening. Today, 36 years later Isabel Ayala’s vision has become a reality, owning 8 restaurants across the Triangle each operated by one of the Isabel & Elena Ayala family.

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant a family business, knows the importance of keeping this vision thriving, this is why when visiting one of the 8 restaurants you will feel warmth and delight as you enjoy the most delicious Mexican food amongst family.